Renor BT PowerCab review: Bass Beast


Renor, a group of engineers, designers, and musicians working very carefully to create the first-class hifi tools for music lovers. On every occasion a term hello-constancy comes in, the general public assume it’s now not going to be some thing for each day existence. Even though it does, it will be a very different sort of eco-machine to gain. This trouble situation is what has been tackled via renor.

We go over a lot of Bluetooth speakers and every one of them share pretty much one thing for all intents and purpose — they’re convenient. Thus, when the great individuals down at Renor inquired as to whether they could send me an item for review, I kind of expected to fall in accordance with a portion of the other ‘versatile’ speakers that I had run over. I kind of anticipated that a beginning up brand should dispatch an item that falls in accordance with, well, for absence of a superior word, a beginning up brand. And as the brand’s tagline of “At Renor, sound quality is our highest priority” goes.

Specification of Renor BT PowerCab

  • Sized as 20″ (W) * 11.5″ (H) * 10″ (D)
  • State-of-the-art 8″ Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth AptX HD
  • 100 Watt R.M.S
  • Aux-in Stereo Mini Jack
  • Weighs as 10.25 KG
  • Precision 1″ Tweeter
  • Dual Ports
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • 36.5 Hz To 20000 Hz

In-Box Content

  • The Speaker unit itself
  • 3 Pin Power Adapter
  • Warranty Card

Design & Build

Pictures simply don’t do it equity! Regardless of what number of pictures you see of the Renor BT PowerCab, nothing will set you up for the sheer size it has on offer. The speaker is substantial as it is delightful and the originators here spent a decent piece making this speaker to greatness. From the dressed work front to the Renor logo and from the rectangular facia directly down to the controls on top; everything is styled to flawlessness.

Once in a while do we discover a speaker estimated this intensely to check all the privilege boxes with regards to plan. For those of you who know some things about speakers, the Renor marking here seems, by all accounts, to be a holler to the Fender logo on its scope of guitars or enhancers. While we don’t assume that Renor duplicated Fender with regards to the structure of the logo; we need to concede that the Renor marking oozes complexity.

The work covering on the front is made of some thick material which can undoubtedly be cleaned. In any case, because of this plan choice, you can’t see the drivers underneath. Likewise, there isn’t any approach to open the lattice also — not excessively many would even need to. Renor claims that they have utilized substantial segments to guarantee a completely clear sign way is brought to the speaker and we need to concur with this. The BT PowerCab is fitted with a 8-inch driver, a 1-inch exactness tweeter and double ports; which are all forward looking and taken cover behind the cross section.

The top is the place every one of the controls are found and they are conveniently concealed in an open inlet, a comparable structure that Marshall has utilized on its Kilburn speaker. Here you’ll discover the on/off switch, the volume handle, a minor Bluetooth blending button and an AUX port for matching with a cell phone or TV or whatever else you extravagant. The quantity of handles isn’t as wide-coming to as the ones found on the Kilburn; yet hello, in the event that it takes care of business, who’s grumbling. To the base, there are four rubberised legs which keep it somewhat raised. This is promoted as a story speaker for move studios or homes; be that as it may, I favored it to be propped up on a table for a progressively directional sound understanding.

In conclusion, despite the fact that the Renor BT PowerCab is a Bluetooth speaker, it is unfortunately not a compact one and should be associated with an Plug for to power. This is in no way, shape or form a major issue; yet rather, only an element of the speaker.


The speakers consistently should be on capacity to get the splendid sound mark. The network is incredible. I had no issues with it. Ensure you empower the AptX in the settings on the off chance that you are utilizing an Android gadget (It’s inside the designer alternatives). I can say, the speakers effectively oversee bass. The profundity of the bass was ideal for the fabricate. You can attempt to shoot bass-substantial sounds, and it did phenomenally. Mid-run was dynamic and brilliant highs were integral to the sound. In the event that you shoot High stable profile, the speakers took care of it separated well. The AAC and DAC associated through the AUX plays splendid tunes, and the instrument detachment is excellent by the speakers. The speaker has a frequency response of 36.5Hz to 20,000Hz which mean that extra extension on the lows provides bass-heavy tracks to supersede all expectations with its impressive power. The low-end can quite literally be felt when you place your hand in front of the speaker and this shows how much air the PowerCab is actually moving.


The Renor BT PowerCab comes with an MRP of Rs 25,000 but is sold for as low as Rs 14,999. The price justifies the range for people who don’t want to dig deeper holes in their pocket and rather be budget friendly. The speaker is great for people who want to experience heavy bass on a budget friendly speaker. I won’t suggest it’s a perfect combo as we also tested the speaker with a MIDI controller and the output was not that satisfying but never the less the bass was amazing.

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